Healthy Mini Market Wellness Excedrin Review

Excedrin Review

Excedrin is often cited as the headache experts. It carries of over fifty years of legacy of effectively relieving headache of people. Unlike several medications in the market it not acts like just another general pain reliever. It is specially designed to provide complete relief from headache and migraine with its advance formula.

Excedrin provides you instant relief from all kind of headaches.  It is world leader and foremost solution for headache and migraine. It provides specified solution for different headache types. It treats different types of headaches and migraines with its distinct expert solutions like a pro. So now you can choose more specified medication for your headache and migraine form its wide variety of pain medications.

More about Excedrin!

It is a top class head ache medication that is made of highly effective ingredients that are carefully blended to treat all kind of headaches. It has been safe and effective over-the-counter option for headaches since several years. It is a perfect combination three medications – acetaminophen, aspirin, and caffeine in one formula that provides you instant pain relief.

This supplement is manufactured by global pharmaceutical giant Novartis.  Novartis is known for its top quality medication in several fields. It is a known for its great efficacy to treat several headaches.

Ingredients of Excedrin

It is one of most trusted headache and migraine reliever across the world. This family pain relieve product is made of some highly effective elements that are clinically tested for instant pain relief. The key ingredients of the formula are:

Aspirin: This ingredient is being used to treat the headache since several decades. It is specially known for its incredible properties to fight headache and migraine.

Acetaminophen: Acetaminophen is a quick and general pain reliever. It provides specialized solution for all distinct headaches. When combined with aspirin it has some incredible and powerful effect on headaches. Being a general paint remover  it also provides you a huge relieve in aches and pains in the other body parts like shoulders and neck that often accompanies headaches.

Caffeine: Caffeine enhances the effectiveness of aspirin and acetaminophen in it. It enhances the pain relief capabilities of the formula. Apart from this it is also known for its credential to relieve the brain.

Various types of head aches

Not all headaches are meant to be treated by one general medicine. There are four main types of headaches. Knowing various versions of headaches will help you to choose the best Excedrin version to treat your headache. Here are few different types of headaches.

Tension Headaches: It is one of the most common forms of headache. In this type of head ache you will feel some modest pressure in your head that will cause aching in the both sides of your head. These can be both sporadic and chronic.

Cluster Headaches: These are the most painful headaches. In this type of headache you will feel intense pain behind your eyes or around nose. These headaches are sudden and can happen almost every-day.

Sinus Headaches: This kind of headache is the result of inflamed sinus. It happens when sinus become inflamed. The inflamed sinus presses on the nasal bones, cheeks and eyes. It causes steady pressured pain. This type of headache is often accompanies with runny nose and fever.

Migraine Headaches: These are the most serious types of headaches and are in the class of their own. In migraine you will experience intense pounding and throbbing in the head. You feel intense and acute aching which can cause nausea and vomiting.

Types of Excedrin medicines

Excedrin are the global leader in the field of headache medication. With its various specialized medication for different type of headaches you can experience complete relieve. Here are some key product of this top quality headache relieve formula.

Excedrin Extra Strength:  It contains acetaminophen, aspirin, and caffeine in it. It is a high-quality and extremely powerful pain reliever. It is used by people who are more over 12 years of age. This high quality pain reliever provides relief in just 15 minutes.

Excedrin Migraine: It is specially developed to treat the migraine. It is extremely powerful and should be taken by people who are over 18 years of old. It provides relieve in the case of migraine in just 30 minutes.

Excedrin Tension Headache: This headache medication doesn’t contain asprin but contains acetaminophen and caffeine in it. It provides relief in tension headaches with pain in solder and neck.

Excedrin PM Headache: Excedrin PM is designed to provide instant relief in night time headache. It also helps you to sleep better. Instead of caffeine it contains diphenhydramine citrate, a potential sleep aid. It contains other two ingredients acetaminophen and aspirin in it. This medication should be used by those who are 12 yrs or older.

Where to get it?

So next times when you have headache visit the experts, we provides expert solutions for your various types of headaches. Visit and choose the expert treatment according to your requirement. You will also get some valuable information about headache and medications on the websites.

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