Creapure Review

All the people who indulge in athletic activities are aware about the product Creatine. It is in use since a very long time. Creatine plays a vital role in the production of energy and endurance of muscles. Taking this creatine supplement can aid in producing ATP, which is the major source of energy in the cells. One of the best quality creatine based supplement available for the enthusiasts is Creapure. This supplement is made by the company Alzchem. The company is in the business since very long and well known for producing quality based supplements. The company developed Creapure using hundred percent pure creatine (micronized creatine monohydrate) in powder form. This product is simply having purest form of creatine, which gives best results.

Ingredients of Creapure

The main ingredient of Creapure is creatine as already told and it is in the 100% pure form. The unflavored variety is having nothing, but creatine. A flavored category also available includes few more components. These ingredients are incorporated for a change and nothing else. The ingredients do not affect the quality or results in any way. These are flavoring agents like Sucralose and citric acid. This product is sold with no impurities or contaminants, which makes it favorable among its users. There is no shellfish, tree nuts, milk, corn, wheat, or rice.

How it feels to take Creapure?

Like other similar supplements, Creapure does not put its effects immediately as you take the effects of this product are cumulative and over time, it easily adjusts. Scientific study shows that there are many advantages of taking it regularly. After taking it for few weeks, users are going to feel increase in the strength, endurance, and muscle volume. Muscular recovery is also enhanced when you are taking this product. If you feel cramping and bloating with creatine based supplements, then not to worry, as it will be gone after few days of its consumption. Its advantages makes it a worth taking supplement.

Advantages of Creapure

Creatine has gone through intense researches and is known for its multiple benefits. Creapure is going to provide you with all those benefits without any delay. Here are its advantages mentioned

  • Raise your physical performance
  • Greater muscular endurance
  • Higher work capacity
  • Post workout recovery
  • Both flavored and unflavored varieties available
  • Unflavored is recommended because it is in the purest form
  • Available in micronized form, which means  bloating and cramping  suffering is less
  • Easy to take

Disadvantages of Creapure

There is no supplement in the market, which is free from drawbacks and this is same with Creapure. Thought this supplement is available in micronized form gastro intestinal side effects are still to be experienced by its users. These side effects come in the form of bloating and stomachache. These side effects are associated with all the creatine-based supplements so you do not have to give a second thought when you are using Creapure. This supplement comes in the powder form an mixing it in water might be hassle for some. However, this little effort is worth.

Should you take Creapure?

The majority of the muscle builders and weight lifters are taking it and it is essential   for their goals as well. Taking creatine is good for both new and experienced weight lifters and others in the category. It is well known among the weight lifters that creatine is safe and effective with mild side effects. Creatine is having a successful record of accomplishment in providing results. The hundred percent pure monohydrate form of creatine used in making Creapure delivers best results.


  • Promotes endurance of muscles
  • Powder form makes its dose precise
  • Raise your anaerobic capacity
  • Micronized formula that mixes well
  • Easy to take


  • Can cause bloating
  • Can be hassle to prepare for some
  • Might give stomach ache

Is Creapure effective?

Creapure is effective because it is available in pure and powdered form. Weight lifters are taking creatine based supplement since a very long time to help them with their goals and they find creatine product the most effective one. Creatine is having multiple benefits and this is the reason it is popular among the athletes and others. This creatine based supplement is loaded with quality and purity. All these things make it effective and a great product.

Creapure powder or pill?

People are having their own preferences. Some find pills nasty and others powder. According to the experts, powder form of creatine is an ideal way to gain its benefits because you can measure its precise dose. Liquid works fast inside our body, which means instant results. There are creatine-based supplements available n the pill form as well, which you can order.

Products available at site

  • Creapure: – available as a natural form of creatine. It is safe, effective and can be easily absorbed. Available in the form of white powder, which you will have to take with lots of fluid.
  • Creapure AH: – available as anhydrous creatine and contains hundred percent creatine. This one is similar to Creapure.
  • Creapure PG:- PG means pharmaceutical grade and also comes with the substantial documentation
  • Creapure citrate: – it contains creatine and citrate in the ratio of 3:1. This product comes in the lemon flavor and dissolves in the beverages in a better way.
  • Creapure pH 10:- it contains buffer of sodium bicarbonate and sodium carbonate as an alkaline solution with pH of ten when you dissolve it in water.
  • Creapure gluco: – it comes in the form of chewable tablets and contains a small amount of dextrose along with creatine. You can take this without water.

Creapure should be your choice

Creapure is an economical supplement of creatine and best for your goals. The company claims that it has gone through greater amount of research as compared to other creatine based products. It is made in Germany and made with the highest standards. So make sure that you order right product.

The company offers different variety of creatine products, which one can order according to their choices. Different body is having different needs and preferences and when it comes to Creapure, you are going to find several options. Not many companies offer such variety. You can consult your experts and find out, which is best for you. The company offers pure and high quality creatine supplement with no toxins or any other hurtful substances. All the products offer creatine benefits to its users so that you can enjoy achieving your goals effortlessly.

Purchasing recommendations of Creapure products

Creapure and other products of the company are made with the best ingredients and they are guaranteed with quality. Just make sure that you are paying attention towards its quality. You can avail benefits from Creapure only if you are purchasing genuine products from the legitimate company. Make sure that you see the brand name on the label. Have a look at the logo. There are many fake and poor quality creatine products available in the market and online you will find frauds. So make sure that you are not putting your hard-earned money on any of these.

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